Hi everybody... And thanks for either finding or revisiting my website – and I hope that you can find what you are looking for right here.

My most recent song collection ‘One Life’ was warmly welcomed by so many of you for which I am most grateful… but it now sits alongside my previous albums as part of the whole JDR song collection leaving me free to work on new material... and to get out there and sing a few new, different, songs... and I am certainly enjoying doing that.

It has been a long journey since ‘A Friend of Mine is Going Blind’ and I am very much aware that some of you lovely people have ‘been with me’ ever since those days….and I am just so encouraged today when you tell me that new songs like ‘Whispers in the Gallery’ or ‘Its not time yet’ are continuing to build the story and our relationship continues to flourish...

So wherever you are, America, UK, Europe or further afield... Thanks again for you support... you simply make it all worthwhile.

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