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One Life The new album

One Life by John Dawson Read
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John 's first album 'A Friend of Mine is Going Blind' (Chrysalis records 1975) was dedicated to John's friend and mentor Graham... Read more


Discover and buy albums from English singer songwriter John Dawson Read. 'One Life'... the new JDR album for 2012 is out NOW... Read more


With page illustrations taken from the book 'John Dawson Read - The Words' These pages are available for download as PDFs... Read more

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For those of you who are new to my music, hello and thanks for listening, and everyone else, hello and thanks for hanging in there!


Well….. I have a whole bag bursting with new songs… a few are now being demo’d on Soundcloud or YouTube, but most, like ‘Misty on the Water(2)’, ‘Mother Earth’, ‘The Floods of Twenty Twelve’ and many more I am just gigging with at the moment… but they do seem to be going down very well.  So, hopefully it won’t be long before they are polished up and ready for you to hear.

Until then, I continue to write, continue to play, and continue to look to the future with enormous optimism and your support is invaluable in all of that.

So may I say a huge thanks to all those who have bought or downloaded ‘One Life’ and to all those who continue to seek out or rediscover my earlier albums ….. you simply make it all worthwhile


John Dawson Read

I have put some new songs on Soundcloud!….. ‘Whispers in The Gallery’ is demo’d both on Soundcloud and YouTube, ‘A Strange kind of way’ is demo’d on Soundcloud…. and a whole bunch of songs from all the albums is also there for you…… go and have a listen.

One Life by John Dawson Read

'One Life' The title track from my latest album released in 2012.

A friend of Mine is Going Blind

'A Friend of Mine is Going Blind' The title track from my first album.

There are some more videos on my YouTube channel.